Minox Binoculars – Another Great Technology From Germany!

After the war, Germany has always been in the forefront of technical discoveries and technological advancements. The field of optics and related systems are no exception to these developments.

One brand has adapted and took advantage of this progress and incorporated the resulting design and innovations to their products – MINOX!

MINOX Optics is another manufacturer from Germany that produce optics of the highest standard. The equipment that they make is of premium quality and offers a comprehensive range of features.

MINOX is probably best known for their spy cameras which have some of the highest quality lenses in the world, but they also manufacture riflescopes, night-vision devices, monoculars, spotting scopes and a range of binoculars.

In this article though, we shall be discussing more about the various range of Minox binoculars and layout the features and specifications so you will have a more detailed information regarding a particular binocular.

We will also give you a list of our Top 5 Minox Binoculars and help you see which one of these highly-rated binoculars are the most popular for users.

How Good Are Minox Binoculars?

You might be asking yourself, are Minox binoculars good? Are they even comparable to those other good brands?

Well, let us answer that question by telling you that in every Minox binoculars great emphasis has been put on the highest possible quality. The mechanical precision during design and manufacture is indeed outstanding.

Minox uses high-tech special glass, precisely constructed lens systems and first class coatings which make for an excellent, bright and high contrast image quality.

Like many of the other German optical companies (including Steiner, Leica and Zeiss), Minox pride themselves on the high quality of their workmanship. Innovation is also one of MINOX’s strength and they are widely known for it.

They created the world’s first purpose built digital camera monitor and eyepiece that fits to the end of a spotting scope as an affordable way of getting into digiscoping, which is perfect for both wildlife viewing and birdwatching.

Minox has in fact won several prestigious national and international design awards due to the continued and innovative development of their sports optics. This establishes Minox as one of those pioneering and qualitative brand.

Another thing that is also a plus for Minox is their warranty. From the date of registration, your product will be protected against manufacturing defects and functional failures for a duration of thirty (30) years.

Remember though, that your product must be registered within thirty (30) days from the date of your purchase for this warranty to take effect. For more details about Minox warranty, click here.

Where Are Minox Binoculars Made?

You might be wondering about who makes Minox binoculars and where they are made? Their BL Line (as well as most other binoculars series) are fully designed and manufactured in Germany. They are hand finished and undergo meticulous quality control inspection procedures before leaving the Wetzlar factory.

What Are The Different Models of Minox Binoculars?

There are various models and series of binoculars that Minox manufactures. We shall talk about the general features of each series as we go along. The different binocular models are:

  • HG
  • BL
  • BV
  • BF
  • BD

Each model is described separately on the following sections.

The HG series binoculars from Minox are designed for High Grade Sport Optics which is aimed to give you the best possible performance in all areas. The optical system of the HG Line provides a captivatingly high light transmission, giving you the highest results for brightness and contrast.

HG Series Features

General features include:

  • MinoBright prism coating (for high light transmission)
  • M* lens coating for a bright image
  • Special optical high-tech glass
  • Large field of view
  • Magnesium body that is incredibly light weight
  • Quick Close Focus feature for a smooth transition from close up to long-range
  • Eyecups (with 4 click-stops for easy adjustment)
  • Scale for estimating distance
  • Tripod socket
  • Waterproof down to 5 meters deep
  • Fogproof (Nitrogen purged)

There is also the APO HG type which features high quality ED glass for a more superb viewing experience. You can see how the APO HG looks like and learn more of its features in the video on the left.[

The MINOX BL HD binoculars series features great German binocular engineering. It is incredibly lightweight and ergonomically designed to provide you a unique and wonderful viewing experience.

The optics is made of a highly specialized high-definition (HD) glass combined with the finest of glass coatings and optical-mechanical elements. This gives you images free from disturbing color fringes or glare.

Because of its open bridge design and a weight next to nothing, you can operate the binocular comfortably even with one hand. Some of the general features of BL binoculars are:

  • Special HD glass with anomalous partial dispersion
  • Greater natural color rendition due to improved optical design
  • Higher light transmission as a result of improved lens coatings
  • Enhanced field stops for an optimum stray light reduction
  • Open bridge for reliable one-handed operation and a good grip
  • Very lightweight polycarbonate body
  • New dynamic, ergonomic design

BL Series

The MINOX BV series of binoculars are uniquely characterized by their rugged, grippy body and an optical performance that is really exceptional. It is very reliable even in harsh conditions or surrounding making it an excellent binocular for wildlife observation in any environment. BV general product features include:

  • Highly optimized optical performance
  • M* lens coating for a brighter image
  • Neutral color rendition
  • 8x or 10x magnification for distant objects
  • Non-slip, sturdy aluminum body
  • Adjustable eyecups – ideal for eyeglass wearers
  • Tripod socket
  • Waterproof down to 5 meters
  • Nitrogen gas purged to prevent fogging

The BF binoculars series complements the MINOX range of binoculars with lots of proven design features. It also offers a comfortable and inexpensive entry into the world of MINOX Sport Optics. It comes in two sizes for the objective lens, either a 25 or a 45 mm version and the magnification is either 8x or 10x.

The 42’s are excellently suited for universal application in all fields of hunting and game-keeping, as well as for the observation of flora and fauna in the wild.

The 25’s, which weighs half of the 42’s, are ultra-compact and lightweight, making them an ideal companion for hiking, traveling or observing animals and plants while on the go.

The lenses of the BF range are multi-coated which minimizes reflections and guarantees neutral color rendition for crisp images and views. It also features phase corrected coatings on the roof prisms to create an image with excellent details and high contrast that is superb even in low light conditions.

The internal optical systems and precision mechanics are housed by a rugged aluminum body and sealed with an innovative sealing technology to further protect against water and dust. It is waterproof down to a depth of 3 meters.

With its very low weight and compact design, the BF binoculars will fit in the hand nicely and comfortably. Below are the general product features of the BF range:

  • Give you a neutral color rendition for great images
  • A non-slip and sturdy aluminum body
  • Waterproof down to 3 meters
  • Fogproof (Nitrogen purged)
  • Diopter adjustment
  • Twisting eyecups
  • Tripod socket
  • Weighs only 660 g (for the 42mm objective lens)
  • Weighs only 300 g (for the 25mm objective lens)

BD Series

The MINOX BD series of binoculars are designed with the word “handy” in mind.

They are very compact binoculars and applicable for universal applications. When you are going somewhere where lightweight baggage is required – whether for traveling, sports, hunting or observing animals – the BD binoculars are particularly valuable companions.

The optical system incorporated in the BD range is pretty modern and guarantees a high image contrast and excellent detail rendition. With this rugged and compact binocular series, adventurers and discoverers alike can enjoy the tour and scenery of a breathtaking landscape without missing a thing.

BD general product features:

  • Light yet robust, anti-slip body
  • High-contrast, bright and clear images
  • Neutral color rendition for amazing views
  • Great performance at an unbeatable price
  • Twisting eyecups – ideal for eyeglass wearers who need long eye relief
  • Fogproof (nitrogen gas purged to prevent fogging)
  • 7×28 IF – Waterproof down to 5 meters
  • 8×24 / 10×25 – Waterproof down to 1 meter

Where To Buy Minox Binoculars?

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They have new and they also have second hand Minox binoculars for sale.

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To help guide you in which Minox binos to choose, we lined up below our Top 5 Most Popular Minox Binoculars. These binoculars are ranked based on their product rating and number of user reviews.

1 – Minox 62197 BL 8×33, 5 stars from 6 users. CLICK HERE for the BL 8×33 product review. View the BL 8×33 Product Page HERE!

2 – Minox BF 10×42, 5 stars from 4 users. CLICK HERE for the BF 10×42 product review. View the BF 10×42 Product Page HERE!

3 – Minox 62045 BL 15×56, 5 stars from 3 users. CLICK HERE for the BL 15×56 product review. View the BL 15×56 Product Page HERE!

4 – Minox BV II 62029 10×42 BR, 4.8 stars from 11 users. CLICK HERE for the BV 10×42 product review. View the BV 10×42 Product Page HERE!

5 – Minox BV II 62030 8×25 BR, 4.5 stars from 27 users. CLICK HERE for the BV 8×25 product review. View the BV 8×25 Product Page HERE!

Summary & Conclusion

Minox, from its humble beginnings, is now one of the great German brands out there when it comes to cameras and optics. Their binoculars are one of the popular models you would see out there in the field.

The different Minox binoculars series are designed to suit your different needs and we laid out the features of each model to provide you a specific description of each type so you would know which one would suit your preference.

We also provided you a list of the Top 5 most popular Minox binoculars to help guide you in choosing the appropriate one for you and we have provided some places for you to check out where you can buy Minox binoculars.

Remember, some great moments offer themselves only once in a lifetime, like breathtaking landscapes with their immense richness of wonders or even impressive architecture with its fascinating details.

With the various range of Minox binoculars available, there is no reason why you would miss enjoying these opportunities that might come your way. Enjoy life, enjoy the views and what a way to appreciate them but with a great pair of Minox binoculars in your hands!

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