Barska X-Trail 15×70 Binocular

The Barska X-Trail 15×70 binocular is one of the best rated Barska products in the Binoculars category. The big 70mm objective lenses combined with the high-quality prism produces outstanding clarity giving you spectacular scenic views and images.

If you like scenic viewing, then you must read this article about the 15×70 X-Trail to find out all about this inexpensive yet high-quality pair of binoculars.

It is applicable for daytime or night time viewing and is really good for stargazing, viewing the moon, sky, airplanes, constellation and cluster views. You could actually see the Nebula ring using this model.

In this Barska X-Trail 15×70 binoculars review, we will go through and look at the finer details of each features to make you well aware of its capabilities.

So lay back and relax while we show you the different features of this quality product from Barska.

Product Description and Review

Barska X-Trail 15x70 Binoculars

Barska X-Trail 15×70 Binoculars

Binocular Design

The X-Trail 15×70 binocular (Model AB10154) is of the porro prism type with a central-focus mechanism. It is designed with big objective lenses.

The big lenses combined with Barska’s proprietary coating regime, enable optimum light transmission giving you clear views and images.

Let us look at the other attributes of this binocular in the following sections.

Lens System 

The objective lenses of this X-Trail model measures 70mm and the prism is made of BAK-4 glass. The optics are all fully-coated.

In this configuration, the Field of View is 231 feet @ 1000 yards (or 77 meters @ 1000 meters) which is considered wide for this size binoculars.

The Close Focus feature of the 15×70 is 49.2 feet (15 meters) which means the minimum distance that you can focus is a bit farther away from you.

Focusing is achieved pretty easily with this model using the central focus adjustment knob. If you need to further adjust your focus, there’s a diopter adjustment located on the right eye.

The provided eye relief for this binocular, via the fold-down eyecups, is pretty decent at 20mm, so if you’re wearing eye glasses there should be no problem – you should be good to use this piece from Barska.


The magnification of this binocular is fixed at 15x. With a 70-mm objective lens, the resulting exit pupil @ 15x would be 4.7mm.

With a configuration of 15×70, the resulting Twilight Factor would be 32.4 while the Brightness Index would be 21.78.


It weighs 44.8 ounces (2.8 pounds or 1.27 kg) so expect it would have a good weight when you use it. Considering its got big lenses, however, the weight of this binocular is still on the conservative side.

The protective non-slip rubber armoring that houses the binocular and protects the optics has indented finger holds for better ergonomics and easier handling.

The black matte finish makes an attractive and quality look for this model.

As this binocular is not waterproof nor fogproof, take precautions in using it on extreme weather conditions or activities that might make the unit wet.

Included Accessories

The accessories included with the Barska X-Trail 15×70 binoculars are the following:

  • Table Top Tripod – enables a steady view on your images
  • Tripod Adaptor – makes your binocular tripod-ready
  • Carrying Case – this is a soft black nylon case that is lightly padded. It closes with a Velcro flap. It also has an adjustable shoulder strap
  • Neck Strap – keeps the binocular handy and ready for use
  • Lens Covers – protection for scratches and dust
  • Lens Cloth – for cleaning your binoculars


Similar to other optics from Barska, the 15×70 X-Trail is protected by Barska’s Limited Lifetime Warranty.


  • Very easy to focus
  • Impressively cheap price
  • Awesome warranty from Barska
  • Applicable for daytime (like hunting or nature viewing) and night-time hobbies


  • It is not waterproof, nor fogproof
  • Might be heavy for some users
  • Size (dimension) is on the “Big” side

User Reviews and Feedback


  • “Easy to hold”
  • “A great buy, the price is more than right for a well manufactured tool”
  • “…this has incredible optics and clarity…”
  • “A very versatile model; can be used at home or in the wild…”
  • “This binocular offers a lot for a very cheap price…”
  • “…Excellent clarity at long distance…”
  • “The clarity and definition of this binocular is comparable to that of an HDTV…”
  • “…the coating is very nice…”
  • Stars, planets and other heavenly bodies light years away (like the M15 global cluster) can be seen through these binoculars as detailed by some users


  • Some people had manufacturing issues just out from the case; some had found the rubber flaps around eyepieces almost torn off, others said they had a cracked left eyepiece
  • Hard to hold steady, images jump around a lot – need to have a better and sturdy tripod to focus
  • The tripod provided is too small and too short
  • The tripod adapter is not that sturdy (some users suggest filling in epoxy on the opening cavity to get rid of the problem)
  • Some users had collimation issues when they first received the binoculars. If you’re having problems with collimation, check out this link on how to do it
  • Some users don’t like that the lens cover is a single unit
  • The neck strap supplied with the binocular is not that comfortable for some users
  • The carrying case has no room for the tripod adapter nor the tripod
  • There are some users that say the focus will drift off a little when you put pressure on the eye cups

Summary & Conclusion

Going through all the specifications and considering the reviews from users, the Barska X-Trail 15×70 binoculars strong points are the low price and the good quality of the optics.

As far as applications are concerned, this model can be used for hunting, nature viewing, bird watching, hiking and other day time activities. Many users though use it for star gazing and viewing other celestial objects.

However, this is not a replacement product for a telescope, but instead it is a great complement for it as it is very handy and more portable. It also gives a much better field of view of the sky compare to a telescope so you’ll see a lot more view.

If you’re going to use this for a long period of time, it is highly recommended that you use a very good tripod as the view would be shaky considering the high magnification power.

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